This Website is dedicated to all individuals who can benefit by eating Cultured "Fermented" Foods. This is so important to our health but is minimized by the health industry. The genetics in our body are 10 to 1 in its ratio of bacteria and yeast to humans cells... Meaning we are more bacteria and yeast than we are human. When our friendly bacteria aren't flourishing, we suffer. This website is dedicated to improving your health by improving your inner web of life! Our medical community is largely driven by big Pharma. Antibiotics are prescribed by doctors for individuals complaining of cold symptoms. A cold is a Virus and Antibiotics target bacteria. This doesn't make sense at all! Doctors often just want to placate their patients and get them in an out of the office. Many people have had digestive problems for years. If you ask the person what happened when they first started having problems they often can trace it back to a round of Antibiotics. Antibiotics aren't selective. Antibiotics kill bad bacteria but also kill good bacteria just as efficiently. Its entirely possible to influence your intestinal health by adding healthy bacteria back into your intestinal tract. The additional of fermented, cultured foods such as: Kefir, Fermented Vegetables, Kombucha, Tempeh, Miso, Kim Chi and Sauerkraut are great sources of healthy bacteria and yeasts.